Leading sexual abuse solicitors, Slee Blackwell, were named on the front page of the Sunday Times on 12th January 2014 as one of the nation’s leading firms handling multiple cases for former pupils of fee paying schools.

Numerous private schools are facing compensation claims from victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of staff.  While the majority of these abuse claims against private schools are historic, Slee Blackwell is also representing victims of more recent for abuse, including the victims of notorious paedophile teacher, Nigel Leat.

A member of Slee Blackwell’s specialist sexual abuse team says,
“We have seen an increase in historic cases against private schools since the Savile revelations.  Publicity surrounding this case has helped victims to come forward and tell us about their childhood experiences. Their stories are often extremely harrowing and a burden they have had to bear throughout their adult lives.  It is equally shocking to discover how many establishments appear to have swept these crimes under the carpet.  When victims find the strength to come forward, they become empowered by the opportunity to take charge of a situation which was entirely out of their control when they were a child.  I think the claims process is cathartic for them and I hope helps them on the road to recovery.”

If you are a victim of child sexual abuse at a fee paying or state school and would like to speak to us on a confidential, free, no obligation basis please contact us on Freephone 0808 139 1597 or email us at info@abusecompensation.co.uk

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