Before any claim is commenced, we have to ensure that the right form of funding is selected. As solicitors we have a duty to ensure that you receive best advice on the funding available and what will be in your best interests.Most claims are dealt with on a No Win - No Fee basis, but other forms of funding are available.

Legal Aid for Abuse Compensation Claims

Legal Aid (otherwise known as public funding) is granted by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) in selected cases. Although Legal Aid is not routinely available for standard personal injury claims, it can be granted for child abuse and sexual abuse cases.

We can offer you guidance you on whether Legal Aid is likely to be available to fund your abuse compensation case. If we consider that Legal Aid is likely to be granted then we will make an application for funding to the LSC on your behalf.

No Win - No Fee: Conditional Fee Agreements in Abuse Compensation Claims

No Win - No Fee is a very popular method of funding abuse compensation claims. We have been offering this service ever since no win - no fee regulations were first introduced and we have helped thousands of people recover compensation in this way.

We will offer No Win - No Fee funding where we think the prospects of making a successful abuse claim are good. We do not receive payment if the claim is not successful, so if you lose the case you will not owe us a penny. We only get paid if you win your claim, which gives you the reassurance of knowing that we will fight as hard as we can on your behalf to recover maximum compensation for you.

We will also fund any legal expenses, such as medical reports or court fees, entirely free of charge.

If we win your case we will seek recovery of your legal costs from your opponent, or their insurers.

No Win - No Fee: Contingency Fee Agreements in CICA Claims

If you are claiming compensation under the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) Scheme then it is important to remember that the Government does not pay legal costs in addition to the compensation.

So, in order to fund a CICA compensation claim we offer a special type of no win, no fee scheme known as a “contingency fee agreement”. Under a contingency fee agreement you will not be charged if you lose your case and are not awarded compensation. However, if you win compensation then we will be entitled to retain a percentage of your compensation to cover the costs we have incurred.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Before embarking on any abuse claim, we always check whether our clients already have the benefit of legal expenses insurance, also known as LEI.

LEI is often bolted-on to insurance policies without the policyholder even knowing if they have it. It is therefore always worth checking. If we find that you do have an LEI policy we will contact the insurance provider ourselves to establish if your abuse compensation claim is covered.

If you aren't sure what the most suitable method of funding will be for your situation then contact us for further details and we will be happy to run through the options with you.

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