Sky News: Child Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

Having successfully pursued a legal claim through Slee Blackwell Solicitors, Laurence Wheeler has found his voice, speaking out on behalf of fellow survivors of childhood abuse.

In an item for Sky News Laurence welcomes the inquiry into historical child abuse within the British establishment.

By stepping into the public spotlight Laurence's actions will give much-needed support and encouragement to other victims of abuse, especially those who have been feeling isolated and left to suffer in silence.

We applaud Laurence’s stance and hope that his actions will help many more victims to find the strength to tell their story.

As he says, the inquiry is a unique opportunity to finally uncover the full truth of the horrors that have occurred.  Only by doing so can we, as a society, move forward and ensure that this never happens again.

Laurence was represented by Slee Blackwell's Naomi Ireson and Rachel Thain.  He has thanked both women for their hard work:

"Without you I would not have had enough courage to do all of this.  Thank you so much."

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Sky News: Child Abuse Survivor Speaks Out