Abuse in Dance

Abuse in Dance is an often overlooked aspect of abuse in modern society.

Many professional and amateur dancers have recounted tales of the sexual, physical and emotional abuse experienced throughout their training and work.

When an environment is fostered around hierarchies, discipline, and competition, it is of little surprise that those in a place of power often abuse their positions.

The spotlight is not only on sexual and physical abuse, but also emotional abuse. Emotional abuse in dance can take many forms, ranging from harsh criticism and constant scrutiny of the dancer’s body to manipulation and verbal harassment. Dancers, particularly those training in highly competitive environments can find themselves subjected to intense pressure to conform to a certain aesthetic ideal, often at the expense of their mental and emotional health.

The consequences of emotional abuse in dance can be profound and long-lasting. Beyond the immediate impact on a dancer’s self-esteem and confidence, such abuse can lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other mental health issues. Moreover, it perpetuates a culture of toxicity and exclusion within the dance community, where individuals feel pressured to prioritize their physical appearance over their overall well-being.

Carly Sylvester, a winner at the 2023 National Personal Injury Awards, is an expert in abuse law, having successfully brought many successful claims for those that have experienced abuse, physical, sexual and emotional. She understands the sensitive nature of these cases and deals with the claims patiently and professionally.

If you have experienced abuse in dance, Carly will be more than happy to have a chat with you on a confidential basis and offer free initial advice about your entitlement to claim compensation. We provide a number of flexible funding options, including our popular No Win – No Fee scheme, so fear of legal costs should never deter an abuse survivor from seeking justice.

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Abuse in Dance