Abuse Lawyer Criticises Rape Lyrics

Abuse specialist, Rachel Thain, looks at the damage done by lyrics in popular music which glorify and trivialise rape

Once again there has been controversy surrounding song lyrics which appear to promote or glorify rape. It was not long ago that musician Robin Thicke was criticised in the media for the content of his hit ‘Blurred Lines’. People believed his music contained lyrics that were similar to the phrases reportedly used by rapists to their victims. Around 20 student unions at universities in the UK banned the song as a result.

A similar furore has now arisen involving the McDonalds food chain. The press has reported that pub landlord, Steve Davidson, was outraged by the lyrics of the music playing when he took his grandson to the restaurant for a ‘Happy Meal’. The rap song being played through the restaurant sound system contained what Mr Davidson described as ‘pornographic lyrics’ regarding gang rape.

This latest incident highlights how sensitive the public now is to this issue and how important it is for businesses to be aware of the offence it causes. Society has made great strides in the last few years, such that glorifying or trivialising rape in popular music is not something that is socially acceptable any longer. The music industry itself needs to get in step with public opinion and put its house in order. Musicians and record companies must tune in to public opinion and put an end to outdated misogynistic and offensive lyrics.

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Abuse Lawyer Criticises Rape Lyrics