Abuse within the family

Abuse within the family and the introduction of ‘Jade’s Law

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The Government is determined to prevent the perpetrators of abuse within the family to benefit from their wrongdoing.

The Justice Secretary recently announced plans to introduce ‘Jade’s Law’ by the end of 2023 through an amendment of the Victims and Prisoners Bill. Under this legislation, any parent who kills their partner or ex-partner who they share children with, will automatically have their Parental Responsibility suspended upon sentencing. This applies to individuals who have been convicted of murder or voluntary manslaughter and will last for their time in detention. However, an automatic exemption applies to domestic abuse victims who kills their abuser.

Under current law the bereaved must consult the killer for decisions concerning matters such as health, education, or travel of their children. In order to restrict the killer’s Parental Responsibility, the bereaved must go through the family court which can be time consuming. Under Jade’s Law, the automatic suspension of Parental Responsibility means that the parent will no longer be able make decisions on key elements of the child’s life.

In 2021, Jade Ward was murdered by her former partner after he stabbed and strangled her whilst their four children were sleeping. Jade’s killer was given a custodial sentence and Jade’s parents have cared for their children ever since. An online petition received in excess of 130,000 signatures which triggered a parliamentary debate, and after Jade’s family’s tireless campaigning the law is being changed to better protect children.

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Abuse within the family