Clement Freud to be exposed as a child abuser

There are press reports today (15 June 2016) that the late Sir Clement Freud is to be exposed as a sexual predator and child abuser.

An ITV television documentary scheduled to be aired tonight will highlight the experiences of two women who claim Freud molested them.

Clement Freud became a well known figure in the 1960's. He appeared regularly on the Radio 4 panel game 'Just a Minute' and featured in a long running dog food commercial on TV with his bloodhound, Henry. He later entered politics and was a Liberal party MP. Freud, who died in 2009, has been described by senior establishment figures as a national treasure.

The same ITV Exposure programme previously unmasked Jimmy Savile as a sex abuser.

It appears that suspicions about Freud have been circulating for some time, with reports that his name was on the 'radar' of a child abuse charity.

It is anticipated that more women are likely to come forward once the broadcast has been aired.

Guidance on the legal options available to victims of sex abuse is available for free from our specialist HELPLINE. Call 0808 139 1597 or email us in confidence at

Clement Freud to be exposed as a child abuser

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