Compensation for being groped at work

How much compensation can I claim for being groped at work?

If you have been groped or sexually assaulted at work then contact our free confidential helpline for expert guidance on how much you can expect to receive and details of No Win – No Fee funding.

In the past many people employed in the UK believed that there was nothing they could do about being groped at work – assuming it was something they just had to ‘put up with’. However, times have changed and that culture is fortunately a thing of the past.

Employees have the right to go to work without fear of being subjected to sexual assault or harassment and employers have a legal duty to take steps to protect them and ensure that their workplace is safe, respectful and inclusive.

Nevertheless, despite the change in culture reports of employees being groped at work are still common, The fast food chain McDonald’s has for instance recently come under the spotlight following allegations of widespread sexual assault and harassment of staff at its restaurants here in the UK.

Where an employee suffers assault of a sexual nature at work they may be entitled to seek compensation from their employer.

The amount of compensation that the employee is entitled to claim will vary according to the seriousness of the assault and its impact on the victim.

To give you a very broad idea of the compensation that can be claimed, abuse that is categorised as being in the “lower level of seriousness” will generally result in an award of between £10,000 and £20,000.

Lower level abuse is abuse that is short-lived and where the psychological effects are mild (or resolved quickly), with few if any aggravating features.

Obviously if the abuse is more serious and takes place over a protracted period of time, leaving the victim suffering long term effects, then the compensation is likely to be higher.

Each case is assessed and valued individually, so if if you would like to know whether your employer is legally liable and how much your claim could be worth then contact our free helpline for guidance.

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Compensation for being groped at work