Compensation for voyeurism

Claiming compensation for voyeurism

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Our abuse team has recently recovered compensation for voyeurism from the employers of a woman who was secretly filmed using the toilet at work.

Our client worked for a builders merchants. One day, after using the toilet at work she noticed that a camera was hidden among some toilet rolls.

She reported it to her manager and an investigation was launched which involved the police.

It was discovered that the camera had been placed there by a member of management who wanted to spy on employees.

Our client was devastated by the thought that she had been secretly filmed and her distress was made worse by the fact that her manager watched the footage, even though she specifically asked him not to do so. She was further humiliated when she found out that other employees had also seen the video.

She was so embarrassed that she asked to be transferred to another branch, even though it was inconvenient for her. She also sought counselling for her feelings of anxiety and shame.

She consulted our abuse team about claiming compensation for voyeurism, and we dealt with her case on a no win, no fee basis.

Our client’s employers tried to argue that they weren’t responsible for the actions of their staff, but we corrected them on this, explaining that employers were legally liable for the acts of employees while they are at work.

This resulted in a satisfactory out of court settlement being negotiated, which provided for our client to be compensated for her ordeal and the humiliation she had suffered.

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Compensation for voyeurism