Football Coach Charged With Historic Sex Offences

Devon football coach charged with sex abuse

A man from Devon, Tony Mitchell, is facing charges of sexually abusing children. The youth football coach, now in his 70s, has been bailed. On 11th February 2014 he will appear before the Magistrates Court in Exeter in relation to historic allegations of sexual abuse. It is reported that the charges include intent to commit a sexual act and indecent assault of a child.

The allegations against Mr Mitchell are allegedly historic in nature and the victims involved are now in their 50s. Reports suggest that it was in the 1960s that Mr Mitchell began coaching a youth team in Exeter, although it is not yet confirmed whether the allegations in question relate to Mr Mitchell’s role as a football coach.

Those considering coming forward to report historic cases of sexual abuse should be encouraged by the action taken by the police and CPS to pursue these allegations.

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Football Coach Charged With Historic Sex Offences