How much compensation do you get for rape?

We are frequently asked, ‘How much compensation do you get for rape?’

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Obviously this is a sensitive subject and it can seem inappropriate to reduce something so traumatic to mere financial terms. However, the reality is that while no amount of money can ever truly compensate someone for such a terrible crime, the survivors of rape and sexual assault can put their compensation to very good use. In many instances it helps people to get on and rebuild their lives. For instance, some use their compensation to access specialist treatment, therapies and counselling to help them recover. So it is entirely appropriate to ask, ‘How much compensation do you get for rape?’

Like many legal questions, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The reason for this is that the amount of compensation a victim receives varies from case-to-case according to the severity of their injuries and the financial impact the attack has on their lives. The level of compensation also depends on whether the victim seeks compensation from a private individual, a business, a public body or some other institution such as a religious organisation, or whether the claim is made under the Government’s CICA compensation scheme.

Let’s look at these factors in a little more detail. 

Your physical Injuries

How serious were the physical injuries you sustained? Did you suffer lacerations or broken bones? Have you been left with permanent scaring? Or did the attack leave you with an infection or a sexually transmitted disease? Each case is assessed individually, usually with the help of an independent medical assessment, who will look at how severe they are and how long the effects are likely to last.

Your psychological Injuries

Rape and sexual assault can often leave you psychologically and emotionally damaged. As with the physical injuries, the opinion of medical experts is often sought. Psychologists and psychiatrists will assess the extent of these issues and identify the cause of your ongoing symptoms, such as PTSD, and any long term disorder, such as anxiety.

They will also look at the impact these symptoms have on your family life and your relationships with others.

Recommendations may be made for specialist counselling and therapies. Where these are not available on the NHS the cost of private treatment can be incorporated in your compensation claim.

Your lost income

If you are employed or self-employed and have lost income as a result of the attack then you can claim your lost earnings.

Compensation can also be claimed for lost earnings going forward. Where a victim is unable to return to work after an attack the loss of income claim can be substantial.

Your other losses

When we look at how much compensation you get for rape, we need to make sure that your compensation package includes all your out of pocket expenses. This can include traveling expenses and the cost of medication. We can also include a claim for the value of any care you have received from friends and family.

Compensation awarded under the CICA scheme

The government operates a scheme that provides compensation to victims of violent crime. So if you have been raped or sexually assaulted and there is little prospect of recovering compensation from an individual, business, public body or other institution, then you can make a claim under the CICA criminal injuries compensation scheme.

CICA compensation is less generous to victims compared to claims made in the civil courts. There is a tariff system in place and awards are subject to a cap on the maximum amount of compensation that can be paid. 

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How much compensation do you get for rape?