Kendall House Abuse Review

The Church of England has announced that it is to finally carry out a formal review of allegations that children who were placed at Kendall House in Kent were forcibly drugged and abused.

The Bishop of Rochester has ordered the independent review, saying that it would ‘make clear any outstanding lessons which the Church of England and others need to learn’.

It follows the campaign by former Kendall House resident Teresa Cooper, who was at the home in the early 1980s and who claims she was forcibly drugged more than a thousand times.  It is alleged that she and other children were given drugs designed for Parkinson’s sufferers, or adults with severe psychiatric problems. 

It is not just the former residents of Kendall House who have suffered.  Many of their own children have been born with birth defects thought to be a consequence of the drugs used by the regime. 

A number of compensation claims have been made by Kendall House victims against the Church of England but the Church has yet to offer either an explanation for what went on there or an apology.

We will be posting updates as further facts emerge.

Slee Blackwell is representing a number of victims in claiming compensation.  If you, or a family member, have been affected by the events at Kendall House, please contact us in confidence at [email protected] or on Freephone 0808 1391597. 

Kendall House Abuse Review