North Wales Child Abuse Claims

Operation Pallial: One year on

Operation Pallial was launched in November 2012 with the task of investigating historical allegations of abuse involving a number of children’s homes in North Wales. The investigations centred around the former Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.

On Wednesday 20th November 2013, it was reported that an unnamed 62 year old man was arrested in connection with the investigation. This is the 15th arrest made by Operation Palliel, which is a clear signal to the public and victims that, at long last, reports of sexual abuse are being taken seriously.

Even in cases where the abuser is no longer alive, allegations made against them are still investigated. Ian Mulcahey, the senior investigating officer, has said that “if there are cases where individuals could have faced charges had they been alive, we think it is important for victims to know this”. This knowledge will be important to victims in helping them to deal with the psychological affects of the abuse and could offer some closure to enable them to move on with their lives after many years of carrying such a burden.

We always encourage victims of abuse to come forward and report their allegations to the police. This applies to both recent and historic cases. We are representing a number of victims who suffered sexual abuse in children’s homes in North Wales which are being investigated by Operation Pallial, so we have direct experience of these cases.

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North Wales Child Abuse Claims