Proud to support ‘Not An Object’

We are proud to be supporting Not An Object, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing resources and signposting to female survivors of sexual trauma. Not An Object aims to be a “one stop shop” for survivors who are trying to find support, whether that be with psychological treatment, other medical resources or legal advice.

As the organisation’s website states, sexual violence against women is nothing new and is in fact on the increase. The founders  believe that victim blaming and situational blaming makes women feel that they are responsible for their sexual trauma. Furthermore, the position is made worse because survivors of sexual trauma are often not believed and are provided with inadequate support.

Not An Object is committed to offering support to women to help bring back their mental, physical and spiritual peace.

Abuse law experts Elizabeth Duncan and Carly Sylvester are offering guidance to survivors in relation to legal claims, including claims under the government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme, to ensure that survivors can obtain financial support wherever possible. They will shortly be joining Not An Object on Instagram for live question and answer sessions. Follow us at @sleeblackwellsolicitors and @notan0bject.

Elizabeth and Carly are passionate about ensuring those who have suffered such awful crimes know their options for seeking compensation. Money cannot put things right but it can allow people to seek specialist treatment to help them on the road to recovery and relieve financial hardship that can be caused by the impact of abuse on a person’s working ability.

Proud to support ‘Not An Object’