Sexual abuse in schools

School sex abuse compensation claims.

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On 31 March 2021, the government announced it would be launching a review into sexual abuse in schools. The review itself will consist of Ofsted looking at the safeguarding policies in both independent and state schools. It will also look at the extent and severity of the problem. The aim is to make sure that all schools have in place the necessary processes to make sure that any pupils who suffer sexual abuse in school are able to report their concerns freely, knowing these will be taken seriously and dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner.

The problem of school sex abuse came to light following reports in the press of a large number of testimonials being made on the website ‘Everyone’s Invited’. This is a movement committed to tackling rape culture through conversation, education and support. Their online campaign that allowed young people to describe their experiences of sexual assault and harassment at school made it into the mainstream media after thousands of reports were made on the site.

Several thousand young people posted their experiences of sexual abuse, including girls as young as nine and boys. This was a problem across the board, rather than just being linked to certain areas, certain types of schools or specific age groups. Many people were shocked by the figures, but our specialist team of abuse lawyers are very familiar with sexual abuse occurring in schools across the country.

Many people seem to think that abuse in schools was a historic problem, an issue from the past that no longer applies to society today. Sadly, this is simply not the case. We have dealt with a number of recent school sex abuse cases, helping those who have experienced abuse to secure support, treatment and compensation. Abuse that takes place in school can have a negative impact on a young person’s mental health and education. It is vital that all allegations are taken seriously, as the reaction a young person receives when first disclosing sexual abuse can have a profound effect on them. We have dealt with cases where the young person was disbelieved and forced to sit in class with another pupil who had seriously sexually assaulted her, being punished for leaving the classroom. The pupil in question later faced criminal charges for what he had done. However, by that time the initial way in which the matter had been handleded by the school had already caused long-term damage.

In other cases, we have secured funding for private tuition for a pupil who suffered sexual abuse in school to ensure that the impact on their education is minimised and that they have the best possible opportunities available to them after completing school.

Abuse in schools can be perpetrated by teachers, other members of staff or another pupil. All reports should be taken seriously and dealt with in a sensitive manner. In response to the reports of the widespread prevalence of sexual abuse in schools, a new helpline has been launched to offer support to those who have suffered sexual harassment and abuse in an education setting. This is being run by the NSPCC, an organisation close to our hearts at Slee Blackwell. Our abuse lawyers have engaged in fundraising events, supported their local branch and even won an NSPCC award.

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Sexual abuse in schools