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Claiming compensation for sexual abuse in the NHS

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A 2023 report by ‘Surviving in Scrubs’ concluded that there is evidence of systematic and institutional sexism within the healthcare workforce. The National Health Service has a hierarchical structure and senior positions are male dominated, which the authors believe is problematic for its cultures and attitudes. The report states that a power imbalance between senior male members of staff and junior female members of staff has created a normalised culture of misogyny and sexism.  Surviving in Scrubs campaigns to uncover abuse between professionals within the healthcare workforce and  its report found that in just 150 incidents which they analysed 42.3% of them involved sexual harassment, and the remainder consisted of sexual assault, rape and other incidents of sexism.

Recently, a 24-year-old paramedic described being in an ambulance station crew room when a colleague grabbed her breasts from behind. She states her colleagues failed to take the matter seriously, laughing and appearing to normalise the behaviour.

Another female had been part of the service for over ten years and endured many comments in this time. However, one day she was sexually assaulted by a senior colleague in the back of an ambulance. This sexual assault resulted in the woman attempting to take her own life and she was unable to continue with her career due to her psychological scars.

The College of Paramedics has discovered that students within the healthcare workforce are experiencing sexual harassment or misogyny on at least a weekly, if not daily basis. Some students have reported being blackmailed in order to succeed in their studies. For example, one student was told that they would not be signed off unless they sent a photograph of themselves or agree to go on a date with the individual.

Female students are referred to as ‘fresh meat’ and often find themselves being sexualised, sometimes in front of patients. Students, along with more experienced staff members, may all be deterred from reporting this behaviour due to fear of repercussions, including restrictions which may be placed on their own career progression.

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sexual abuse in the NHS