This is a case study of a woman who suffered sexual assault at work and appointed us to pursue a compensation claim against her employer.

Our client worked in an office attached to a factory. For many months she was subjected to sexual harassment from her team leader. This included unwelcome sexually explicit comments. Despite our client repeatedly asking him to stop the harassment continued.

One morning she arrived at work and had to ask her team leader to unlock the office door. He unlocked the door and followed her in. He then sexually assaulted her, groping her buttocks and breasts. Our client begged him to stop, but he said there was no one to see and continued to sexually assault her.

Fortunately our client was able to break away from her assailant and told another senior member of staff what had happened. While our client was reporting the sexual assault her assailant barged into the private room where they were talking and had to be repeatedly told to leave.

The police were involved and our client’s assailant was dismissed from his employment.

Our client was extremely fearful and distressed by the sexual assault. She felt anxious and was scared to go out of her home alone. She lost all her confidence and started to have suicidal thoughts. She required medical treatment, including antidepressant medication.

It was against this background that she instructed us to pursue a sexual assault at work compensation claim against her employers. We agreed to bring the claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We sent a formal Letter of Claim to the our client’s employer. The law says that employers are 'vicariously liable' for the wrongful acts of their employees committed in the course of their employment. In other words, the employer is legally responsible for whatever their employees so while at work and are obliged to compensate anyone who suffers harm or loss as a result of their actions.

Sensibly the employers admitted liability for the harassment and secxual assault and agreed to compensate our client.

We obtained a medical report from an independent Consultant Psychiatrist about the impact the sexual assault at work had on our client. The expert concluded that our client had suffered an Anxiety Disorder. She recommended that our client continue with the medication she was taking and also suggested a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

We obtained funding from the employer's insurers so that our client could receive the recommended treatment on a private basis.

Once her treatment was concluded were able to negotiate an out of court compensation package for our client.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault at work and wish to pursue a compensation claim then give us a call on 0808 139 1597 or email us at


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