Sexual Offences Continue to Rise

Abuse lawyer Elaine Potter reports that there appears to be no let-up in the growing number of sex abuse crimes being reported. You can discuss your case with Elaine on our Free Legal Helpline.

Statistics published by the NSPCC show that the number of recorded sexual offences against children in England and Wales is rising.

Many children, young people, and adults have found the confidence to report incidents of recent and historic abuse. For some victims it may take many years before they feel able to confront these issues. It is well known that abuse victims often bottle up their experiences and years or decades can pass before they tell anyone. Others never reveal what has happened to them.

Police are encouraging victims of sexual abuse to come forward. Their approach to child abuse is very different to what it has been in the past. While the situation is far from perfect, victims are likely to be treated with greater sensitivity and respect today.

The police have confirmed they are investigating more than 1,400 prominent men about historic child sex abuse, including politicians, celebrities and those linked to institutions; an astonishing statistic.

At Slee Blackwell we have encouraged, supported and helped many victims to speak out. Claiming compensation is a large part of what we do, but it is also about empowering people to confront and come to terms with what has happened.

We know that no amount of money, however welcome it might be, can compensate for the suffering that victims of sexual abuse have had to endure. Nevertheless, pursuing a legal claim can still be a very positive experience. In some cases, it has helped the victims of abuse to recognise that society believes them; others take satisfaction in receiving an apology, whilst the financial compensation has helped many to embark on a new direction in their lives.

We have a team of specialist abuse lawyers ready to help you, whatever your story and whatever your goals. They deal with enquiries sensitively and in total confidence.  And there is no need to worry about legal costs. We operate a FREE legal helpline and deal with cases on a no win, no fee basis.

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Sexual Offences Continue to Rise