£1/4 million compensation for teacher abuse

Our client recovers over a £1/4 million compensation for teacher abuse suffered as a child.

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We successfully represented our client at a five day trial, resulting in a compensation award of over a quarter of a million pounds for teacher abuse.

He had been a pupil at a primary school operated by Devon County Council. During his time at the school his female headteacher singled him out, and quite quickly a relationship of an inappropriate nature formed.

The headteacher struck up an overfamiliar relationship with our client and his family, and she continued to see him frequently even after he had moved on to secondary school.

He was a vulnerable child and his headteacher’s behaviour damaged his mental health.

As well as suffering psychiatric difficulties brought on by the relationship he also struggled in his education. This meant that as a teenager and young man he faced personal battles.

Our specialist abuse team advised him to bring a compensation claim against his former headteacher and her employer, Devon County Council.  His claim was funded under a no win, no fee agreement.

Investigations into the claim were undertaken and letters of claim sent to both the Council and the headteacher.

We arranged for our client to be seen by independent medical specialists and educational experts who prepared reports confirming the impact that the inappropriate relationship had had upon him.

Given the complexities in the claim a specialist abuse barrister based in London was appointed by us to assist with the case.

The Council instructed solicitors to defend the claim, essentially implying that our client and his family had made up the allegations. Understandably this caused them great distress.

Our client wanted to be able to put the matter behind him. So in an effort to avoid a court hearing we advised him to make a an offer to settle his claim. However, the offer was rejected by the Defendants who instead tried to pressure our client to drop his case.

Despite our best efforts to settle the matter, a trial took place. It ran for five days and resulted in our client being awarded in excess of £250,000 for the teacher abuse that he suffered.

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£1/4 million compensation for teacher abuse