The Truth Project – Share your experiences of child sexual abuse

The Truth Project has been set up by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse to allow survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences.

The IICSA is investigating organisations and institutions for failure to prevent child sexual abuse.

It is hoped that by encouraging those who have suffered child sexual abuse to share their experiences in a confidential and fully supportive setting the work of the Inquiry will be enriched. Ultimately these real life experiences will make a direct contribution to the recommendations that the Inquiry makes. In this way lessons can be drawn from the mistakes of the past which can be avoided in the future.

To have your say, simply get in touch with the Truth Project. They will then contact you about how you would like to share your experiences. This can be done in a private session, either in person or over the phone. Alternatively you can make a written statement.

If you opt for a private session it will be with a Truth Project facilitator who is trained to work with victims of child sexual abuse. You will not be challenged or judged. You will remain in control throughout and it is completely up to you what experiences you choose to share.

All experiences that are shared with the Truth Project are confidential. However there is an exception to this if information needs to be passed to the police or another authority.

Participation in the Truth Project is free of charge. They will pay your expenses, such as travel and accommodation costs, if you choose to meet a facilitator in person at one of their confidential venues across England and Wales.

Abuse law specialist, Elizabeth Duncan, fully supports the Truth Project:

It’s a real opportunity for those who have direct, first hand knowledge of child sexual abuse to share their experiences and directly influence the findings and recommendations of the Inquiry.

For further information about the Truth Project and the work the IICSA is undertaking in relation to child sexual abuse visit


The Truth Project – Share your experiences of child sexual abuse