Winton House Historic Abuse Claims

Two ex-pupils of Winton House, an approved school in Hampshire, have spoken candidly to the BBC about "horrific abuse" suffered by them in the 1970s.

The pair have decided to waive their anonymity and bravely speak out to the BBC to alert the public to what went on at this institution.

Compensation claims are being made by more than 30 former pupils of the school in Winchester, which has since been demolished.

Allegations have been made against the head teacher at the time, who is now dead. The BBC reports that pupils were brought to his office to be sexually abused.

Allegations of abuse have also been made against a number of other individuals at Winton House, some dating back to the 1960’s.

Hampshire Constabulary investigated the claims, but the CPS concluded there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges.

This was reportedly due to a suspect's "advanced age and very poor health" in one instance.

Hampshire County Council have apparently declined to comment.

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Winton House Historic Abuse Claims