Abuse claim against a swimming club

We have recently succeeded in an abuse claim against a swimming club, recovering substantial compensation for the victim.

The claimant had been involved with her local swimming club from a very young age. Her level of talent was matched only by her dedication and commitment to her sport. She competed regularly and was set for a bright future. However, her dream and childhood were taken from her.

Unknown to her parents our client suffered extremely serious and sustained sexual abuse perpetrated by her swimming coach. The controlling behaviour dominated her and she was only able to fully break free of his influence when she was in her early 20s.

She continued to be concerned about the safety of the other children her coach was coming into contact with and eventually made the incredibly brave decision to report the abuse she had suffered to the police.

A criminal investigation followed, and the coach was charged and put on trial. However, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to withdraw the criminal charges mid-trial. As a result the coach walked free.

When she consulted us we had no doubt that she was telling the truth and had been let down by the justice system. Despite the absence of a criminal conviction, we agreed to pursue an abuse claim against the swimming club in the civil courts, funded under a no win – no fee agreement.

The claim was made on the basis that the swimming club was legally responsible for the conduct of its coach.

We identified an experienced female Consultant Psychiatrist to prepare an independent report on our client’s condition. The report highlighted the profound and devastating effect of the abuse on her.

The club initially denied that any abuse had taken place, but as the case progressed their position changed, resulting in an out of court settlement being reached for a significant sum of compensation.

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Abuse claim against a swimming club