Making an abuse claim against a youth group

Are you thinking about making an abuse claim against a youth group? If so, you are not alone.

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The abuse team here at Slee Blackwell Solicitors are currently helping a number of people who were subjected to sexual abuse while attending a local youth group.

Parents and children place their trust in the individuals who run youth organisations, but despite this abuse does unfortunately occur. And when it happens it can often remain a secret for many years.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that many children think they will not be believed if they tell people about the abuse they have suffered, given that those involved in running youth organisations are usually trusted figures within the community. Others are fearful that they themselves will be blamed for the abuse.

It is now accepted that youth organisations will be held legally responsible for abuse that is committed by anyone employed by them and therefore obliged to pay the victim compensation. As attitudes change, many abuse survivors are finding the confidence to come forward and speak out about what has happened to them.

It is important to remember that you can make an abuse claim against a youth group even if the abuse was carried out many years ago. Lawyers call these claims ‘historic abuse’ cases.

For example we are currently dealing with a compensation claim on behalf of a man who was abused while attending a local community youth centre in the 1980s. He suffered serious sexual abuse at the hands of an employee of the youth group, but felt unable to say anything about it at the time. The consequences of the abuse have caused him severe mental health difficulties throughout his life, but he has now found the strength to confront what happened to him and we are making an historic abuse claim against the youth group that was responsible for letting him down so badly as a child.

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Making an abuse claim against a youth group