Claiming compensation for abuse that happened in the past

Our specialist abuse lawyers look at claiming compensation “non-recent” abuse

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Two recent cases have brought ”non-recent’ sexual abuse into the public eye again. Peter Wabel and David Newbury have both recently been jailed by Winchester and Bristol Crown Courts respectively. These men carried out horrendous child abuse decades ago. Wabel committed offences in the early 1990s and Newbury in the 1970s.

No matter how much time passes, the impact of sexual abuse echoes throughout the lives of those who endure it. Feelings of guilt and shame are common, as well as the fear of not being believed.

The investigating police officer said of Newbury that he was a dangerous and manipulative sexual offender who justice had finally caught up with. She commended the incredible levels of resilience and bravery shown by his victims throughout the police investigation. The officer in charge of the investigation of Wabel commented on how the suffering inflicted on his victim had hung over her for years, and expressed the hope that with his sentencing some kind of closure may be achieved.

Our specialist abuse lawyers see every day how such crimes impact on the lives of those who endure them. Psychological harm, issues with education, work and relationships, trouble with eating and sleeping are all common and long lasting effects of sexual abuse.

But what else can be done, beside a criminal prosecution?

Obviously the criminal justice system is vital in bringing abusers to justice. However it is sometimes also possible to bring a claim in the civil courts for compensation. No amount of money can undo what has happened, but it can alleviate financial worries that may have been caused by being unable to work due to poor mental health, and enable people to pay for private medical treatment and therapy to help them recover from the effects of abuse.

Compensation claims may include a claim against an abuser direct if they have any money or, where the abuse took place in a setting such as a church, school or foster placement, a claim may be brought against the organisation in charge.

Where a civil compensation claim cannot be brought then it is often still possible to bring a claim under the government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme.

As these cases in the news show, it is not unusual for it to take many years for survivors of abuse to be able to disclose what has happened to them and even longer again for their abusers to face justice. This means that victims of abuse are very often outside the time limits that usually apply for bringing a claim – whether that is a civil court compensation claim or a CICA claim. Fortunately, the courts can extend the time limit for making an abuse claim and the CICA can extend their time limits in “exceptional circumstances”.

Our specialist abuse lawyers are very experienced in dealing with time limit issues faced by those bringing claims for ‘non-recent’ abuse. We offer free guidance on making both civil and CICA compensation claims where the abuse is ‘non-recent’ and took place win the past. You should therefore never allow concerns about delay put you off seeking justice.

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Claiming compensation for abuse that happened in the past