We are often asked to pursue abuse claims against schools. In this short case study, abuse lawyer Rachel Thain reports on a school abuse claim she has recently concluded which resulted in our client receiving compensation.

Our client was a resident at Witherslack Hall School, which is part of an ongoing criminal investigation under Operation Tweed.

Whilst at Witherslack Hall School he suffered physical abuse in the form of regular beatings from members of staff at the school. On one occasion, he was assaulted in a manner that resulted in him requiring hospital treatment. Our client had suffered a laceration to his head requiring stitches.

He approached us for help and we agreed to take on his case on a no win, no fee basis.

As these incidents had taken place during our client’s childhood and he had only recently reported the matter to the Police he was therefore able to make a criminal injuries CICA claim within the standard two year time limit. This is not always the case for victims of abuse and where someone is out of time then we can seek dispensation.

We prepared the application and submitted this to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, the government organisation that awards compensation to blameless victims of violent crime.

The CICA commenced their investigations into the abuse suffered by our client during his time at Witherslack Hall School. This involved contacting the Police for further information regarding the allegations. We also submitted photographs of the scarring to our client’s head resulting from the incident at the school where he required hospital treatment.

The CICA accepted the application for compensation and made our client an offer, which he was very pleased to accept. 

Rachel commented on the case as follows:

 “This was a vulnerable young man who instead of receiving structure and support when placed at Witherslack Hall School, instead suffered physical violence from staff. This left him with scarring that is still visible decades later. I am pleased we have been able to have help achieve a successful outcome for him in this case and hope it will go some way to giving him a sense of justice and closure for what he suffered”.

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