Sexual assault compensation claim against church

We win a sexual assault compensation claim against the church 

Case study of a successful sexual assault compensation claim against the church. If you are looking for experienced abuse solicitors to deal with your claim then call our free confidential helpline or send us an email.

While representing a client in respect of another matter, we became aware she had been sexually assaulted during her childhood. The specialist abuse lawyer dealing with her case recognised that she would be entitled to make a claim for compensation and was still in time to do so. Cases involving childhood abuse are frequently brought many years outside the legal timeframe but in this case we identified the potential claim before the time limit expired on the woman’s 21st birthday. We advised her about the options available and after careful consideration she asked us to pursue a sexual assault compensation claim against the church.

Her case was based on what she had experienced when she was just 11 years of age. She had attended a gathering at her local youth club and while she was there she was sexually assaulted by a church youth worker.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the church that ran the youth club. We alleged the church were legally liable for the criminal actions of the youth worker who was in a position of authority and trust.

Evidence to support the sexual assault compensation claim was obtained. This included police records and witness statements.

The church initially denied responsibility. It disputed that it could be held liable for the assault as it did not take place within the context of a youth club activity. We disagreed with the church’s position. As specialists in the field of sexual assault compensation claims we know that organisations like a church, a local authority or an employer can be held liable for the criminal acts of others. We are also aware that there have been a number of recent developments in the law in this area which are favourable to claimants.

We therefore advised our client that she had good prospects of succeeding in her claim and arranged for court proceedings to be commenced against the church.

Our client found the claim unexpectedly challenging. We therefore asked the court for a pause in the legal proceedings to give her some time away from the case. This was unusual, but we recognised that needed to do all we could to ensure our client’s well-being and persuaded the court to give her a 6 month pause.

Once matters were able to move forward again, we were able to secure an out of court compensation settlement to bring the matter to an conclusion without the need for our client to give evidence at a trial. 

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Sexual assault compensation claim against church