Lambeth abuse compensation claims

Making a Lambeth abuse compensation claim

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Over the course of decades hundreds of society’s most vulnerable children have been subjected to terrible abuse while in the care of Lambeth council.

An independent enquiry into the scandal recently published a report concluding that the abuse took place on a scale that was “hard to comprehend”.

Over 700 allegations of sexual abuse have been made against council staff and other individuals, such as foster carers and volunteers, though the true extent of the abuse is likely to be far greater. It is anticipated that further victims are likely to come forward in the future.

The abuse took place within children’s residential homes in the south London borough operated by Lambeth council. The council has been criticised for employing staff who it knew posed a risk, failing to investigate allegations of abuse and refusing to take action against known abusers.

The leader of Lambeth council has offered a “sincere and heartfelt apology to all victims and survivors of abuse and neglect while in Lambeth’s care.” The council has acknowledged that it was responsible for their care and protection, but badly let the children down and is, “deeply sorry for their experiences.”

By failing to protect those vulnerable children in its care Lambeth council is now being held legally accountable. We are assisting abuse survivors to seek justice and are able to deal with Lambeth abuse compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Lambeth abuse compensation claims