Abused in hospital

Patient who was abused in hospital awarded £70,000.

If you have been abused in hospital and would like to know where you stand on recovering compensation then contact our specialist team in total confidence. We will assess your case free of charge and give you details of no win, no fee funding.

In a recent post we gave details of a case we had concluded involving a patient who was abused in hospital while receiving psychiatric treatment. Unfortunately the case was not a one-off. We have just settled a compensation claim on behalf of another client who was also abused while she was an inpatient in an NHS psychiatric unit.

In this case the abuse was committed by an occupational therapist. It took place both in hospital and after our client was discharged. When she eventually felt able to report the abuse her accusations were dismissed and the police refused to take any action.

Many years passed before she decided to get legal advice by calling our free helpline. Although her claim was by then ‘out of time’ we nevertheless offered to take it on and work on a no win, no fee basis.

While claims should generally be made within three years, the courts do allow abuse survivors some leeway and we were able to establish that our client should be able to pursue her case.

The NHS accepted that they were legally responsible for the abuse carried out by the OT who was employed by them.

After obtaining medical reports we were able to reach an out of court settlement, with our client receiving £70.000 compensation.

If you have been abused in hospital and would like to know if you can claim compensation then call our free legal helpline on 0333 888 0445 for a confidential case review, or send an email to us at [email protected]


Abused in hospital