Scout Association abuse compensation claim

We have won another Scout Association abuse compensation claim

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Our client joined his local cubs which at the time was led by a man named David Bryant. Mr Bryant told our client that if he wished to be considered for the cubs football team he would need to undergo a medical examination. This was a cynical ruse by Byrne to carry out sexual abuse.

Like many victims of abuse, our client felt unable to report what had happened to him until one day he saw an article his local newspaper. The paper reported that David Byrne had been accused of abusing boys while he was a scout leader, but was denying the allegations. Our client therefore made the brave decision to go public about his own experiences in support of the allegations that had been made.  He therefore made a full report to the Police. An investigation followed and David Byrne was charged for offences against our client and other men.

David Byrne continued to deny any wrongdoing. The criminal prosecution proceeded and our client knew that he would need to give evidence at the trial if justice was to be done.  He was able to summon the fortitude to take to the stand and his courage paid off when a guilty verdict was delivered.

As a result of our client’s testimony David Byrne was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Following the successful criminal prosecution of his abuser our client contacted us about making a compensation claim. He spoke to one of the specialist lawyers in Slee Blackwell’s abuse department on a confidential basis. We explained that we are experienced in dealing with Scout Association abuse compensation claims involving  both recent and historic abuse. We told him that we thought he had a very strong case and agreed to work on a no win, no fee basis.

We began by gathering key evidence from various organisations, including the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service. A Letter of Claim outlining the case was then sent to the Scout Association. The evidence was compelling, and the Scout Association admitted legal responsibility for the abuse committed by the disgraced scout leader.

Having established that the Scout Association was at fault we went on to consider the level of compensation that should be paid to our client. We arranged for a detailed medical report to be obtained and received input from a specialist abuse law barrister.

Following negotiations with the solicitors for the Scout Association, an out of court compensation package was reached This included provision for our client to undergo a course of private therapy to help him recover from his ordeal.

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Scout Association abuse compensation claim