Sexual abuse in hospital

Claiming compensation for sexual abuse in hospital.


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The problem of sexual abuse in hospital has recently been highlighted by the case of the Great Ormond Street Hospital porter who was  jailed for life for the abuse he carried out on hospital premises. While hospitals are generally safe environments, predators lurk wherever there are vulnerable people and regrettably our hospitals are no exception.

Our specialist abuse team has recently recovered compensation in a tragic case involving a young woman who suffered sexual abuse while in hospital.

The young woman had been a patient in an NHS psychiatric unit when a male member of the nursing team groomed her. This led to sexual abuse taking place while she was in hospital. The abuse continued until she felt able to confide in another staff member about what the nurse had been doing. He was sacked by the NHS and his professional body stripped him of his registration.

Abuse lawyer Elizabeth Duncan took on the case, working on a No Win, No Fee basis. Sadly, our client’s mental health was so damaged that she took her own life before the case could be concluded. Her mother continued with the compensation claim so that financial provision could be made for the young son her daughter left behind.

Elizabeth argued that the young woman should be compensated for the abuse she had suffered at the hands of someone who was supposed to be looking after her when she was at her most vulnerable. The NHS admitted responsibility for the sexual abuse carried out by the nurse, but denied that it had led to her suicide.

We therefore obtained the views of an independent medical expert. The expert agreed with us that there was a direct link between the sexual abuse and her suicide.

The report prepared by the medical expert enabled us to negotiate an out of court settlement of the claim which provided financially for our client’s young son.

Sadly this is not an isolated case and you can read here a case study of another claim we have recently concluded involving a patient who was also abused while in an NHS psychiatric unit.

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Sexual abuse in hospital